Pakiza has excelled in the retail business through its innovative and revolutionary thinking and most importantly for taking Retail Industry in Madhya Pradesh to another level.

It has not only synchronized the industry but has also given a whole new definition to it. The foundation of this multi brand Pakiza, is based on emotional connect with the consumers. It is a brand name reckoning with quality, affordability and trust since 1975.

Pakiza is the one to start the chapter of retailing in the entire state even when the name of the book was not heard. The response of the people towards Pakiza has been overwhelming which in turn has boosted their confidence further.

Since its humble beginning back in 1975, Pakiza is not only operating but evolving with every passing day. Presently spreading over the spacious area of 1, 75,000 square feet, its departmental store is catering to the demands of the masses in Indore.

Pakiza departmental store houses outfits for men, women and kids, FMCG, Textile and other household goods and articles. Thus, making it one stop solution, for all without pinching the pocket. The main purpose of the store is to deliver quality and satisfaction as well as gain confidence of the consumer in the brand name Pakiza. Their growth graph is a candid confession and proof of customer satisfaction. And because of its reputation, respect and reasonable cost, the number is set to grow more and more with a hop, skip and jump.


Culmination of hard work, honest effort and belief to initiate a new concept in the market resulted in the brand name Pakiza.

Pakiza is not all about consumerism but its fundamental is to get connected to the emotions of the consumers of every age and provide them with the best at the best price. Beginning of the Pakiza was very humble and modest back in 1975. It all began with a shop rather shanty for repairing cycle puncture. But soon Mr.Iqbal Gori gauged his own potential in the textile business and decided to take a leap in it. Since then, there was no looking back in terms of success and customers.

After two years of hawking in Santha Bazaar Mr. Iqbal Gori succeeded in opening his first fabric stall of 2 feet in 1977 at Santha Bazaar itself. Thereafter, he gradually forayed in full fledged textile business and his tryst with success is still continuing. The business is successfully carried ahead by family members with pride and laurels for bringing the mall culture in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The family dedication and devotion has been able to hoist the flag of brand across the city as well as state through their various large showrooms and retail outlets.