Pakiza Retail is all set to have national presence in the coming future and revolutionize retail industry with its novel approach. It has a clear mission of collective growth considering following aspects-


To set Pakiza as an example of a brand which innovates new concepts and takes initiatives for their execution, which understands needs and puts an effort to serve them genuinely, which plays in number and not in revenue, which has trust as its base and has maintained this through generations.

  • 1.


    Pakiza ensures quality and affordability at the same time strives to establish a trust based relationship with its customers. Its ultimate motive is to win hearts and have lineage relationship.

  • 2.


    To set up bilateral understanding with the associates and have mutual growth. We at Pakiza believe it´s important to serve our associates with concrete future plans to generate growth and confidence in our ventures.

  • 3.


    To provide a platform where everyone works like a professional, communicates like a friend and lives like one family. Individual growth is taken on priority basis to inculcate entrepreneurial skills in each employee.

  • 4.


    Pakiza has been a stimulus for an absolute and affirmative change in the society where it functions. As it has enabled every single individual to aspire to shop. Pakiza has given a new definition to shopping with the idea "anyone and everyone can shop".

  • 5.


    Pakiza has core belief to have a robust working management to contribute in the consistent development of domestic economy through generation of employment and improvement in the living standard of the people.